MillionMunkeys was recently contracted to help with the redesign and updating of a WordPress site for  Urbanful is using Lean Startup to test engagement of urban audiences on what news and products are most-useful to the life of an urban professional.  They offer stories about the urban lifestyle, and reviews of products designed specifically for urbanites.

On the technology side, Urbanful is built on top of WordPress and a WooTheme called "Canvas", plus a lot of customizations.  These customizations include WordPress plugins for social sharing icons, SEO, MailChimp integration and reporting, and Google Analytics.  The project also contained a lot of CSS customizations, to get the right look and feel.

The munkeys first joined Urbanful when it was testing out commercial replacement technology.  Back then they were called Urban Ventures.  The idea was to use commercial detection to replace commercials with alternative content, returning you back to the main show when the commercials were finished.  This idea went through several iterations, a few of which being local advertisements in bars during sporting events, and educational content instead of commercials during children's shows and cartoons.  In the end, the legal hassles involved with this approach were overwhelming, but thanks to Lean Startup, Urbanful was able to discover this major risk in their business plan and pivot, before they built any software, and before they sank any real money into the concept!