Flikshop.com on the surface is like Twitter or Facebook, where you can use your phone to send pictures and short messages.  The difference is that these get turned into postcards and sent to inmates!  Marcus Bullock has developed a wonderful way to keep family and friends in touch with people in prison, and at the same time is helping reduce recidivism rates (i.e. the likelihood that inmates will return to prison after they get out).

Marcus' story is a poster child for Social Entrepreneurship.  A former convict himself, he spent his time in prison learning how to run a business, and actually started his first business from in prison, a mail-order catalog company for inmates!  After he got out he continued the catalog company, started a construction company, and a real estate investment firm, but eve that wasn't enough.  

He noticed how hard it was to stay in touch with his friends who were unlucky enough to still be on the inside, so he set out to solve that problem.  His creation, Flikshop, now gives joy to people on the inside and the outside, and lets inmates know that they are not forgotten and are still loved, even when their family can't get off work to make the trip to visit in person.  It's such a touching story, and one that MillionMunkeys is proud to be a part of.

MillionMunkeys joined Flikshop in 2013 when Marcus was looking to redesign his mobile application.  His first version worked pretty well, but he knew he could offer a better and faster experience for his users.  It was the first step in his "a smile a day" campaign.  As he describes it, "When you're on the inside, you live by the mail.  I mean you live by the mail.  Every inmate should get mail every day!"

AuthorPete Oliver-Krueger