How do you build your business, making the most-efficient use of your time and resources, especially when you don't have any?  We're tackling this problem head-on, along with its compounding problems, since Lean Startup is ideally suited for it!  The core technique in Lean Startup is the MVP, but MVPs are clouded with confusing, sometimes conflicting definitions.  So we're going to break through the conflicting opinions! 

One of the core symptoms we see over and over again is building too much, choosing to build more than you need, developers building more-complex things than you need, and using the wrong software or technology stack.  The keys to solving these are Iterative Development and the Prototype. 

I guess we're saying there are many ways to develop MVP's which test pieces of your business hypotheses inexpensively. If you do that, then when you can finally scrape 5K together and find that student programmer to build exactly what you tell him/her - you will be happy with the result. Instead of what most often happens, you eventually scrap it because you need to rewrite it 3 times because you realize your business assumptions aren't right.  

AuthorPete Oliver-Krueger